What is Universal Access?

Universal Accessibility Design and Building

We design and build homes that comfortably accommodate everyone.  From young families with a live-in elderly parent, disabled individuals, aging persons, to families with adult children that have come back home, we design with your individual needs in mind-- both now and in the future.


In addition to standard universal access design offerings such as the following:

  • No-Step/Barrier Free Floor Design
  • Entryway/Doorway Ramping & Widening
  • Cabinet Height Modifications
  • Countertop & Sink Modifications
  • Safety Grab Bar Installation
  • Elevated Toilet
  • Slip Resistant Flooring
  • Shower & Bathtub Accessibility Solutions
  • Lighting Updates

... We also incorporate accessibility into the overall layout and design of our homes as a whole.  Our ultra-open designs provide minimal obstructions between living areas.  With careful up-front planning regarding all your living spaces, the more universally accessible designed your home will naturally become. 

Life being dynamic, we know that things happen and change.  We also prepare for the future by building homes that can be easily adapted should  the need ever arise.  For example, it saves significant expense when need arises, if bathroom walls are already prepped for grab bars or doors are initially widened to accommodate differing mobility needs.            

Universal acessibility depends upon your family's unique needs and living styles, now and in the future.  We design for everyone's needs and lifestyles.... Let us show you how!