Bathroom Remodel

A Complete Master Bathroon Renovation

The original bathroom was not universally accessible and the owners wanted to not only update and refresh the entire look of the bathroom, but also create space for any future needs they might require as a retired couple. The room had beautiful red walls and two huge floor to wall mirrors. The room was very pleasing, however the couple wanted to brighten it up - make it more open and use lighter colors. Quinones Design/Build removed the large mirrors and one wall the separated the shower from the tub area. This opened up the room and created a wider entrance into the bathroom and also into the bathing areas. They built am open shower that did not require a door and the bathtub was no longer walled into a separate area. Then they finished the room with light colored walls in a creamy ivory color. Light grey tiles and tasteful glass accent tiles to create some borders. They then added the tile work throughout the entire bathroom (sink area and vanity, as well as toilet area) to tie the room all together.  The end result was very spectacular!

People say about us

It's Your Dream... Do it Right. “We certainly appreciate the partnership we formed with you and your craftsmen that allowed us to be directly involved with the design and planning of the house. Perhaps most of all, we value your continuous and frank communication that made the whole process of constructing our home a most rewarding experience”-- Colonel & Mrs. James J. K. (Read More Testimonials HERE)